let's supper, mr. Iolas / resurrection RE

An art show in the Garden of Villa Iolas 
in collaboration with the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi

Concept and curated by Naira Stergiou & Eriphyli Veneri
Supported by NEON Organization for Culture and Development and Marni Films Independent Film Production Company

Dimokratias 6, Agia Paraskevi, Athens
12 - 19.07.2019

Alexandros Iolas welcomes Andy Warhol for a Last Supper in his fabled Villa in Agia Paraskevi. The relationship between the two men is central to the concept of the show. Iolas assigned Warhol the Last Supper series; after its production and exhibition in 1987 they both died a few months apart. 
The marble table of the vandalized Villa Iolas becomes the core of Let’s Supper, Mr. Iolas | Resurrection RE as a remnant of the Villa’s glorious days, as an enigmatic locus of accumulated narratives. With the uninterrupted projection of one of the works of the series on the surface of the table the scene of the Last Supper will be taking place, or better, will be re-enacted, throughout the exhibition.
Twelve artists-”banqueters”, twelve artistic approaches, are symbolically invited to the event to compose it. The works will be installed in the Garden of the Villa as well as on the building’s shell. The gates will open to the public daily when the sun sets and the Dinner is served. 

Participating artists:
Panos Amelides | Campus Novel  | Panos Charalambous | Errands | Phoebe Giannisi | HOPE | Poka-Yio | Alexandros Psychoulis | Madelyn Roehrig | Kostis Stafylakis | Naira Stergiou, Eriphyli Veneri | Vassilis Vlastaras

The Last Supper
projection on the marble table of Villa Iolas
curatorial intervention

Airbnb Laundry
mixed media installation, 3,70 x 1 m

ceramic sculptures / courtesy the Breeder Gallery

Campus Novel
installation, dimensions variable

Kostis Stafylakis
Who Snatches Greece

Talking to Plants
10 players with headphones, texts, photovoltaic lights, dimensions variable

Vassilis Vlastaras 
Hot Summer - Make Love… Not War
video installation, dimensions variable

Phoebe Giannisi
sound installation from the audiovisual poem Tettix, 9' 07''

Panos Charalambous
Smoker’s Room - Tobacco Archives
Tobacco Area

The Ghost-Villa of Michalis Aslanis in Mykonos
footage by Mykonos TV (2018)
curatorial intervention

Alexandros Psychoulis
I Was Lying About Lying to You
graffiti, dimensions variable

Panos Amelides
The Sound of Eating
sound installation, 6 x 6 m

Naira Stergiou / Eriphyli Veneri
Ela N' Agapithoume, Darling + Little Death
sculptural installation, mixed materials, dimensions variable

Madelyn Roehrig
Figments: Conversations with Andy
video, 1h 32’ 52’’

The Figment Project
live stream of Warhol’s grave in Pittsburgh
a collaboration of EarthCam and The Andy Warhol Museum
curatorial intervention

photos by Eriphyli Veneri / Naira Stergiou and Fanis Vlastaras