pektries / mani edition

video performance 
colour / sound, 6' 03''

The duo COMOTIRIO present their ongoing series of video-documented performances Pektries (πέκτρια / pektria > in Greek, the woman who cards the sheep wool), where they improvize extravagant hairstyles to one another, constantly shifting roles.

Throughout history, cultural and mythological semiology from all possible geographical latitudes, hair has been associated with strong analogies. Pektries aspires to become an ongoing performance series enacted in multiple contexts and adjusted every time anew to the hosting features and idiosyncracies. Our ornamental hairdos and head decorations will draw inspiration from material culture and historical art traces. The creative coifs will combine archeology, history, visual communication, tourism, fashion and art coiffure, serving as wearable contemporary sculptures on the spot.

The Mani Edition focuses on the islands of Cranae and Pefnos of the Mani Peninsula (GR). It is said that Paris and Beautiful Helen of Troy spent their first night on Cranae, after fleeing from Sparta. In fact, while leaving, Paris left behind his helmet (κράνος / cranos > in Greek, helmet) and therefore the island got its name. According to the ancient myth, after the union of Leda with Zeus, she -transformed into a swan- went to the islet of Pefnos to lay an egg. Out of this egg the Dioskouroi and Beautiful Helen were born.
Pektries are playing a space-time game: Helen from Pefnos meets Rapunzel of the children's fairy tale by the Hightower of Cranae. An encounter, an overidentification or just the same person?

Camera by Sofia Dona and Hannah Monson.
Custom-made capes by Apostolos Mitropoulos.
Special thanks to our Mr. Boatman, Petros Skarmeas.

video in low resloution / © comotirio 2022