COMOTIRIO is the co-working scheme of visual artists Eriphyli Veneri and Naira Stergiou. Sharing an Athens-based studio, they remain in a constant process of exchanging views and ideas. Their mutual influence leads to horizontal collaboration on an artistic, theoretical and curatorial level around the thematics of staged experiencing, fiction-making and fictionality, the Sacred and the Profane, mourning and ritualistic practicing.
Curating and Projects in Public Space
2021 "PETDEMONIUM" art event @ The Creatures Pet Shop & Grooming, Athens
2021 "Iera Polis I/eromeni" group exhibition, Salt Museum, Messolonghi GR
2021 “Flowers-Plants-Decorations”, pop-up art event @ the Syntagma Flower Shops, Athens
2020 “Pai O Palios O Chronos 2020 Remix (Various Artists)”, online art event, a collaborative project with Teletai Mpoukouras @ Radio Mpoukouras and fb Radio Mpoukouras
2020 “The Love Boat”, Department of Cleaning and Recycling, Municipality of Athens / Municipal Garbage Trucks’ Depot, Athens
2019 “BLABLABLACK”, Rebound Club, Athens
2019 “Let’s Supper, Mr. Iolas / Resurrection RE”, supported by NEON Organization for Culture and Development and Marni Films Independent Film Productions, Villa Iolas, Athens
2018 “Processinganextraction”, Lavrion Technological Cultural Park, Attica

Collaborative Works & Participations
2022 "Virtual Workspaces / Screen DIY: Space & Object Performance", workshop by Euripides Laskaridis / OSMOSIS, Onassis Stegi & Studio Teatrgaleria
2021 "Triskele", on site sculpture, Mykonos Biennale, "Ideas and Icons" @ VIOMA vineyard, Mykonos
2021 "Bang Bang: A Cake of 200 Candles and One Wish", mixed media sculpture
2019 "Ela N' Agapithoume, Darling & Little Death", exhibition "Let's Supper, Mr. Iolas / Resurrection RE ”, Villa Iolas, Athens
2019 “Beauty Temple”, homonymous show, Stoa 42, Athens
2018 “24h Sing Song”, independent twenty-four hour action, Villa Iolas, Athens

Artist Talks and Lectures
2022 "Pektries: A Series of Site-Specific Performances", Performance Conference "Theoretical Approaches & Practical Applications", University of Patras, Patras GR
"Meta-Experiential Negotiations with History: Contemporary Art and the Revolution of '21", scientific conference "The Revolution of 1821 in Crete", Historical, Folklore and Archaeological Society of Crete, Chania GR
2022 "Meta-Experiential Negotiations with History: Contemporary Art Examples and the Revolution of '21: Ilias Papailiakis, Steve Gianakos, Kostis Velonis, Marina Gioti", scientific conference "Performances of National Identity: Anniversaries, Narratives, Institutions, Ceremonies, Rituals and Bodies", Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies / University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki GR (spring 2022, upcoming)
2021 "Aquatic and the Terroir: The Acarnanic "Fisherman"", 4th international cycladological conference, Society for Cycladic Studies, Tinos GR
2021 "Narratives of Salt and Tephra: From the Lagoon of Messolonghi to the Volcanic Complex of Santorini", in the context of "Under the Landscape" project by Boulouki research collaborative, Thera & Therasia GR
2019 “Criss-Cross 2”, open workshop and art interventions, ASFA / A-DASH, Athens
2019 “Cavafy-Iolas: Pleasures of Memory, Senses and Philosophy”, Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, “What Is Eros?”, Thessaloniki GR
2019 “From Laboratory to Project: A Particular Exhibition for the Celebration of the Ninety Years of the Bauhaus in Weimar”, international conference “Bauhaus and Greece”, New Benaki Museum, Athens GR