the love boat

An art show @ Athens Municipal Garbage Trucks’ Depot
Concept and curated by Naira Stergiou & Eriphyli Veneri
Supported by City of Athens’ Europe Direct

Iera Odos 151, Athens
Department of Cleaning and Recycling
Municipality of Athens  / Municipal Garbage Trucks’ Depot
18 - 20.09.2020

We invite you for a unique onboard experience of romance, blue waters, music and sunset on the maiden voyage of “The Love Boat“. Our mission is to provide our passengers with high quality services for their ultimate relaxation. Exclusively for this September's inaugural trip, our venture will be the fantastic unknown and its exotic, unexplored destinations. A three-night cruise that will make you explore and rejuvenate... Your senses will be stimulated through the wandering in the multiple levels of the hyper-modern ship and its advanced facilities. Take delight in the unique amenities of the specially designed pool area, the beauty & spa club, the ballroom, the shopping center. Enjoy unique tastes of international cuisines and delicious cocktails and leave it to our qualified staff for a journey of style, luxury and pure comfort.
Departure from Pier 151 of Iera Odos Street in the center of Athens. Musical departure accompanied by the City of Athens' Philarmonic Orchestra. Our crew wishes you in advance a pleasant stay!

Participating artists: Marilena Aligizaki | Margarita Bofiliou | Campus Novel | Errands | Florent Frizet | Greece Is For Lovers | Lakis & Aris Ionas / The Callas | Yorgia Karidi | Εric Stephany | Naira Stergiou | Valinia Svoronou | Iris Touliatou | Kostis Velonis | Eriphyli Veneri

Marilena Aligizaki
We Used to Have A Wonderful Time
video, 10’

Kostis Velonis
Charon's Boat
sculptural installation, steel, garbage truck, dimensions variable

Eriphyli Veneri
The Mermaid Massacres. Sushi, Maki, Nigiri
sculptural installation, mixed media, dimensions variable

Campus Novel
video loop

Ballad of the Rubbish
action, installation

Florent Frizet
oil pastel on canvas, 120 x 180 cm
performance (performed by Christina Reinhardt)

Greece is for Lovers
The Harder They Come
edition of swivel stools, steel, marble

Lakis & Aris Ionas / The Callas 
video loop, 1'

Yorgia Karidi
I Was Fooled On A Sweet Sun-Up
performance, 18'

Margarita Bofiliou
I Got Into Her Abruptly. She Was Deep and Blue 
digital print on canvas, iron, rope, dimensions variable

Valinia Svoronou
Ornament Bearer I &II
sculptures, vegan leather, silk prints, treated bronze knots, dimensions variable

Eric Stephany
Το Είδωλο στην Προβολή
installation, marble, neon, mirror, dimensions variable

Naira Stergiou
OMG, Den Ine Agapi Auto Pou Zoume Aka Mikros Titanikos
sculptural installation, mixed material, dimensions variable

Iris Touliatou
concentrated smell of hygiene (1940-2020), soap bubbles